Why is Attorney General plural?

Why is it “Attorneys General” (plural) but not “Attorney’s General” (singular possessive)? With “Attorney General,” general modifies the noun attorney. Thus, when there is more than one Attorney General, you would write “Attorneys General.” This makes sense. You make the noun plural by adding an “s” to it.

Why is the plural of Attorney General Attorneys general?

“General” here, though, is an adjective, not a noun; you can think of them as “general attorneys.” So the plural goes on the noun, and the proper form is “attorneys general.” … These kinds of compound nouns have what are called “postpositive” adjectives.

Why do they say attorneys general?

The term was originally used to refer to any person who holds a general power of attorney to represent a principal in all matters. In the common law tradition, anyone who represents the state, especially in criminal prosecutions, is such an attorney.

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What’s correct attorneys general or attorney generals?

In American English, attorneys general is the correct plural form. The British prefer attorney-generals (the Brits have long hyphenated the phrase).

What is the possessive form of attorney general?

Applying these rules to attorney general, we see that the plural is attorneys general, the singular possessive is attorney general’s, and the plural possessive is attorneys general’s.

What is the plural of Dieresis?

di·​aer·​e·​sis | dī-ˈer-ə-səs , British also -ˈir- variants: or dieresis. plural diaereses dī-​ˈer-​ə-​ˌsēz , British also -​ˈir-​

What is the plural of Solicitor General?

noun. /səˌlɪsɪtə ˈdʒenrəl/ /səˌlɪsɪtər ˈdʒenrəl/ (plural solicitors general)

What is the difference between US attorney and attorney general?

At the federal level, prosecutors are known as U.S. attorneys. … Assistant U.S. attorneys handle the bulk of the trial work. The U.S. attorney general, who is the chief law enforcement officer in the United States and the head of the Department of Justice, has supervisory responsibility over U.S. attorneys.

Who is currently attorney general of India?

The 15th and current Attorney General is K. K. Venugopal. He was reappointed by President Ram Nath Kovind in 2020.

Are attorney generals called general?

Attorney General is a Level I position in the Executive Schedule, thus earning a salary of US$221,400, as of January 2021. The title “attorney general” is an example of a noun (attorney) followed by a postpositive adjective (general).

What is the plural of major general?

Noun. major general (plural major generals)

What is the plural of assistant general counsel?

What is the plural of “Associate General Counsel?” “Counsel” is plural.

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What is plural of court martial?

plural courts-martial also court-martials.

Is a lawyer a person place or thing?

noun. a person whose profession is to represent clients in a court of law or to advise or act for clients in other legal matters.

What is the plural of attorney at law?

attorney-at-law. noun. plural attorneys-at-law.

What is the plural possessive of counsel?

Actually counsel means advice for eg. has counselled the client etc. In my opinion that in place of the word ‘counsel’ the correct word which should be used is ‘attorney’ in singular and ‘attorneys’ for plural which is unambiguous and also means and is referred to a lawyer.

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