Can a buyer and seller use the same real estate lawyer?

Can same lawyer represent buyer and seller?

Real estate deals can get tricky at times. Especially when both parties – buyer and the seller, approach the same lawyer! … However, they can hire lawyers from the same law firm. As per the laws of the Law Society, an attorney cannot represent both parties simultaneously to avoid any possibility of conflict of interest.

Is it possible or ethical for a lawyer to represent both parties at the closing?

“Even if the parties agree on the terms of the sale, and have already executed the sales contract, we believe that it is highly unlikely that a lawyer could properly represent both the buyer and seller in concluding the transaction.

Can an attorney represent both parties in a real estate transaction in NY?

State 162 (1970) that a single lawyer could represent both parties to a real estate transaction where the interests of buyer and seller are not actually or potentially differing or would vary only slightly. In N.Y.

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Can a lawyer represent both parties in real estate in Ontario?

An individual lawyer cannot act for or otherwise represent both the transferor and the transferee with respect to a transfer of title to real property except in certain limited defined circumstances and only if the lawyer is able to comply with the rules in Section 3.4 of the Rules of Professional Conduct regarding …

Do you need an attorney to sell a house in NC?

As mentioned above, North Carolina requires sellers to involve a lawyer in the house-selling transaction. In addition to taking care of paperwork, escrow, and closing, a lawyer can also help in unusual situations, such as if you need to draft a lease agreement to rent the house back after the sale.

Do I need a lawyer to buy a house in Massachusetts?

If you are buying a home in Massachusetts, having both a real estate agent and an attorney by your side will best protect your interests. … (In most other states, real estate matters can be handled by a real estate agent and a title company without an attorney’s help.)

What is considered a conflict of interest with lawyers?

[8] Even where there is no direct adverseness, a conflict of interest exists if there is a significant risk that a lawyer’s ability to consider, recommend or carry out an appropriate course of action for the client will be materially limited as a result of the lawyer’s other responsibilities or interests.

Can a lawyer represent his girlfriend?

Generally, no. The mere fact that the girlfriend is the client is not an ethical violation. Like all other cases, it is only if there are other specific facts or circumstances that impact on the integrity of the relationship that there is a potential ethical…

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Can a lawyer contact the other party?

No California legal ethics rule expressly prohibits a non-lawyer client from contacting another party directly, although clients cannot be used as conduits for indirect prohibited contact from lawyers.

Can two lawyers from the same firm?

An attorney may not concurrently serve as a partner or associate in two law firms and share in the fees generated by each firm unless the attorney complies with California Rules of Professional Conduct, Rules 1-400 and 2-200.

How do you fire a lawyer in Ontario?

Follow these steps in terminating your relationship with your attorney:

  1. Include a short and formal statement informing the attorney that you would no longer be needing their services. …
  2. Request that the attorney stop work on all pending matters.
  3. Request that your files be returned to you immediately.


Can you act for buyer and seller?

Acting for a buyer and a seller

There is a high risk of a conflict of interest if you act for both a buyer and a seller. You’ll need to decide whether there is a conflict in the circumstances. If there is, then you should not act for both clients.

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