How old is my Globe Wernicke Barrister bookcase?

To make sure that you can tell the age of the bookcase, one of the Globe Wernicke bookcase parts that you have to look at is its tag. There should be furniture tag or product tag on the bookcase. It should be found on the back of the furniture.

What is a Globe Wernicke bookcase?

The Globe-Wernicke was formed as a result of the Cincinnati based Globe Files Company (est. … Globe Wernicke established factories in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany. The company patented the “elastic bookcases” also known as a modular bookcase or barrister’s bookcase.

Why are barrister bookcases so expensive?

Typically, antique barrister bookcases are fairly expensive compared to modern versions, and are readily available in antique furniture stores. Antique barrister bookcases are often sought after because they are constructed from solid woods, ensuring for a quality bookcase.

What are barrister bookcases worth?

This style of bookcase never has gone out of fashion and currently is produced by a number of companies. Your bookcase is of late 19th or early 20th century make and easily would bring $500 to $700 at auction.

How can you tell if a barrister bookcase is antique?

So, collectors often look for the original labels and matching dates inside the back of the antique bookcase. An antique oak barrister bookcase arrives at Bohemians with some regularity. We usually see one pop up every four to six weeks. Rare barrister bookcases may have leaded glass doors.

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What is a barrister desk?

Adapted from an original British antique, the Barrister’s Desk is a grand, show-stopping workspace.

What does barrister bookcase mean?

A barrister’s bookcase consists of several separate shelf units that may be stacked together to form a cabinet. When moving chambers, each shelf is carried separately without needing to remove its contents and becomes a carrying-case full of books.

What is this barrister?

A barrister is a type of lawyer in common law jurisdictions. Barristers mostly specialise in courtroom advocacy and litigation. Their tasks include taking cases in superior courts and tribunals, drafting legal pleadings, researching the philosophy, hypothesis and history of law, and giving expert legal opinions.

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