Who is the assistant attorney general of Minnesota?

Name of official Position held EIS last updated
Cassult, Donna Chief Administrative Deputy 01/22/2021
Clark, James H, III Assistant Attorney General 01/11/2021
Conti, Erin Assistant Attorney General 01/22/2021
Cullen, David M Assistant Attorney General 01/19/2021

How do I contact Keith Ellison?

Questions: If you have a question you think we may be able to answer, we recommend that you call our Office at (651) 296-3353 (Twin Cities Calling Area) or (800) 657-3787 (Outside the Twin Cities).

Who is the new Attorney General of Minnesota?

Attorney General of Minnesota
Incumbent Keith Ellison
Type State Attorney General
Member of Minnesota Executive Council
Term length 4 years

What does Keith Ellison do?

Кит Эллисон/Профессии

Who is the DA in Minneapolis MN?

Michael Orville Freeman (born May 7, 1948) is an American attorney and politician serving as the county attorney for Hennepin County.

Michael O. Freeman
Personal details
Born Michael Orville Freeman May 7, 1948 Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Children 5

Is the attorney general a prosecutor?

The chief law enforcement officer of the federal government or a state. The U.S. Attorney General represents the United States in litigation, oversees federal prosecutors, and advises the President and heads of federal, executive departments on legal matters.

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Where is Attorney General Keith Ellison from?

Detroit, MI

How much does the attorney general of Minnesota make?

State executive salaries

Office and current official Salary
Attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison $174,000/year
Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon $89,877
Minnesota State Auditor Julie Blaha
Minnesota Commissioner of Agriculture Thom Petersen

What is the job of the Minnesota attorney general?

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the State of Minnesota. The Office provides legal representation to over 100 state agencies, boards, and commissions and represents the State of Minnesota in state and federal court and administrative hearings.

Early life. Ellison was born and raised on the north side of Minneapolis. His father is Keith Ellison, a former member of the United States House of Representatives currently serving as the Attorney General of Minnesota.

Who is Keith Ellison married to?

Kim Ellisonm. 1987–2012

Who appointed the Attorney General?

The attorney general is a statutory member of the Cabinet of the United States. Under the Appointments Clause of the United States Constitution, the officeholder is nominated by the president of the United States, then appointed with the advice and consent of the United States Senate.

What is Hennepin County email?

Email essentialservices@hennepin.us.

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