What is the salary of Arkansas Attorney General?

Office and current official Salary
Attorney General of Arkansas Leslie Rutledge $72,408
Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston $54,848
Arkansas Executive Director of Natural Resources Commission Bruce Holland $112,756
Arkansas Auditor of State Andrea Lea $54,305

How much does the governor of Arkansas make per year?

List of governors of Arkansas

Governor of Arkansas
Formation September 13, 1836
Deputy Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas
Salary US$141,000 per annum (2016)
Website governor.arkansas.gov

Who is the highest paid state employee in Arkansas?

Highest Paid Employees

# Name Pay
1 Cynthia GillespieSecretary of Human Services $287,042.08
2 Johnny KeySecretary of Education $239,361.20
3 Scott BennettDirector $229,944
4 Nathaniel SmithSecretary of Health $225,306.22

How much does an attorney general make a year?

As of May 13, 2021, the average annual pay for an Attorney General in the United States is $73,700 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $35.43 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,417/week or $6,142/month.

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Who is the attorney general of Arkansas?

Лесли Ратледж (Республиканская партия)с 2015

How much does a state rep make in Arkansas?

Arkansas House of Representatives
Length of term 2 years
Authority Article 8, Section 2, Arkansas Constitution
Salary $39,399.84/year + per diem

Is there a term limit for Arkansas governor?

Arkansas is one of the eight U.S. states (or nine U.S. states and territory) of the United States that limits its governor to two terms for life in its constitution, along with California, Delaware, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Oklahoma.

Who is the largest employer in Arkansas?

State Profile: Largest Employers

# Employer City
1 Walmart Inc Bentonville
2 University-Ar Finance-Admin Fayetteville
3 Sam’s Club Div Bentonville
4 Arkansas Children’s Hospital Little Rock

What is the most common job in Arkansas?

The most common jobs held by residents of Arkansas, by number of employees, are Driver/sales workers & truck drivers (45,615 people), Registered nurses (31,933 people), and Firstline supervisors of retail sales workers (29,319 people).

What state has the highest paid state employees?

The Highest-Paid State Employees Are Earning 7 Figures. Hint: They’re Not Governors

  • (tie) Dabo Swinney, South Carolina — $9.3 million. …
  • (tie) John Calipari, Kentucky — $9.3 million. …
  • Nick Saban, Alabama — $8.9 million. …
  • (tie) Jim Harbaugh, Michigan — $7.5 million. …
  • (tie) Jimbo Fisher, Texas — $7.5 million.


What is the salary of president?

Salary of the government officials in India

Position in the Indian order of precedence Post Salary per month (Basic Pay)
1 President ₹500,000 (US$7,000)
2 Vice President ₹400,000 (US$5,600)
3 Prime Minister ₹280,000 (US$3,900)(salary received as a Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha)
4 Governors ₹350,000 (US$4,900)
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What do US attorney generals make?

How Much Does an Attorney General Earn In The United States? Attorneys general in the United States make an average salary of $99,362 per year or $47.77 per hour. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $66,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $149,000.

What does the attorney general of the United States make?

Attorney General is a Level I position in the Executive Schedule, thus earning a salary of US$221,400, as of January 2021.

How much are Arkansas attorney license fees?

The license costs $200 for those practicing more than three years. Payments are accepted online.

What does the attorney general of Arkansas do?

The attorney general is the chief law enforcement officer of the state of Arkansas. He or she serves as legal representation for state agencies and officers, provides official opinions on legal issues and represents the state in criminal appeals.

Who is Arkansas assistant attorney general?

Jerry Garner – Assistant Attorney General – Arkansas Attorney General | LinkedIn.

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