What is the purpose of employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy simply means the promotion of a company by employees who share their support for a company’s brand, product, or services on their social networks. The goal of employee advocacy is to inform, educate and engage the workforce, customers, prospects, and help attract top talent.

Why is employee advocate important?

Next, an employee advocacy program boosts employee engagement and morale. … Finally, the most important benefit of employee advocacy is the impact on corporate goals By having someone already on the payroll helping to promote the brand, you can save marketing dollars and see a greater return.

What do you understand by employee advocacy?

What is Employee Advocacy? At its heart, Employee Advocacy is the promotion of a product, service, or brand as a whole, by employees of the said organization, through personal social media channels or word-of-mouth.

How do you use employee advocacy?

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Create a positive and engaged workplace culture. …
  2. Set goals and KPIs for your employee advocacy program. …
  3. Identify employee advocacy leaders. …
  4. Establish social media guidelines for employees. …
  5. Get employees on-side. …
  6. Create and share valuable resources for employees to post. …
  7. Make advocacy rewarding.
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What is employee social advocacy?

The Basics Of Employee Advocacy. The general purpose of employee advocacy is to motivate and make it easy for your employees to participate in your organization’s marketing efforts through performing activities and sharing company messages with their personal social networks.

What are employee advocacy tools?

Employee advocacy software enables companies to engage their workforce to share branded content and information via social channels. With these tools, brands are able to build pre-approved content libraries for their employees to access to share via mobile, email, or social media.

Is HR an advocate for the employee?

It is called the “Employee Advocacy”. As an employee advocate, the HR professional plays an crucial role in managing organizational change by using his knowledge about people. This advocacy includes expertise in how to create a work environment in which people will choose to be motivated, contributing, and happy.

What is an example of an advocacy?

Volunteering for a local group working to bring awareness to global poverty. Volunteering for a relief organization working in another country to address issues caused by global poverty.

What is advocacy and why is it important?

Advocacy seeks to ensure that all people in society are able to: Have their voice heard on issues that are important to them. Protect and promote their rights. Have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives.

What’s the meaning of advocacy?

Advocacy is defined as any action that speaks in favor of, recommends, argues for a cause, supports or defends, or pleads on behalf of others.

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What are advocacy programs?

Brand advocacy programs incentivize customers for talking positively about your brand. They come in all shapes and sizes, but have the same goal of making it easy to reward customers for promoting your company. … Not only will people who are referred by brand advocates spend more, they will also stay around longer.

How can employee advocacy be improved?

4 Tips to Help Improve Your Employee Advocacy Efforts

  1. Be Transparent About Why Team Engagement Matters. Before you begin initiating engagement strategies, it’s important to explain to your employees why you want them to interact with the company’s social accounts. …
  2. Go Behind The Scenes. …
  3. Make Employees Experts. …
  4. Encourage Engagement With Weekly Emails.


How is employee advocacy measured?

The 7 Metrics You Need to Measure Your Employee Advocacy Program

  1. Percent of Employees Sharing Content. …
  2. Percent of Employees Who Have Participated in the Past 90 Days. …
  3. Which Content Is Being Shared the Most By Employees. …
  4. Engagement Rates of Content Being Shared By Employees.


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