How many attorney generals are there in California?

There have been 33 California attorneys general since 1849.

Does California have an attorney general?

Incumbent. Rob Bonta

The attorney general of California is the state attorney general of the Government of California.

Who is the California state attorney general?

Attorney General Rob Bonta | State of California – Department of Justice – Office of the Attorney General.

Is there only 1 attorney general?

The attorney general serves as the principal advisor to the president of the United States on all legal matters. The attorney general is a statutory member of the Cabinet of the United States. … Merrick Garland has been the United States attorney general since March 11, 2021.

Where does the California attorney general work?

The department’s main offices are in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland and Fresno. The Attorney General and Department of Justice employees take seriously the mission to serve our state and work honorably every day to fulfill California’s promise.

Who is the current attorney general of the United States?

Merrick GarlandSince 2021

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Is Javier Becerra a doctor?

Born in Sacramento, California, Becerra graduated from Stanford University and received his Juris Doctor degree from Stanford Law School. … Becerra was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1992.

What nationality is Becerra?


Is Xavier Becerra married?

Carolina Reyes

What is the difference between US attorney and attorney general?

At the federal level, prosecutors are known as U.S. attorneys. … Assistant U.S. attorneys handle the bulk of the trial work. The U.S. attorney general, who is the chief law enforcement officer in the United States and the head of the Department of Justice, has supervisory responsibility over U.S. attorneys.

Are Attorney Generals elected?

Under the state Constitution, the Attorney General is elected to a four-year term in the same statewide election as the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Controller, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Insurance Commissioner.

What does the California DOJ do?

The California Department of Justice (CA DOJ or CAL DOJ) is a statewide investigative law enforcement agency and legal department of the California executive branch under the elected leadership of the California Attorney General (AG) which carries out complex criminal and civil investigations, prosecutions, and other …

Who is the California Deputy Attorney General?

Attorney General Becerra Names Matthew Rodriquez as Chief Deputy and Acting Attorney General | State of California – Department of Justice – Office of the Attorney General.

How do I contact the California Attorney General?

CA Office of the Attorney General

  1. Physical Address. 1300 “I” Street Sacramento, CA 95814-2919.
  2. Mailing Address. Attn: Public Inquiry Unit, P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550.
  3. Phone. (800) 952-5225.
  4. Website.
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