Trip and Fall Accidents

Here in California an owner or occupier of real property must take all reasonable steps in order to keep his or her property clear from risk of harm that are foreseeable or known to the person.  Trip and Fall accidents come in a variety of situations in San Diego.  The most common are:

  1. Poor lighting
  2. Old or outdated sidewalks that are uneven or in disrepair
  3. Exposed wiring
  4. Standing water
  5. Flooring surfaces that have just been cleaned
  6. Floor spillages
  7. Uneven stairs

Our team of accident lawyers has nearly 40 years of combined experience aggressively litigating trip and fall cases.  Because we have a thorough understanding of California liability law, as soon as you enter our office we can begin to evaluate your case and determine who is the responsible party. All of the personal injury cases handled by our firm are on a contingency basis which means you are not responsible for any attorney fees unless we recover an award for you.  Call Thompson Wedeking today for a free consultation.