Motorcycle Accidents

The classic fact pattern of a motorcycle accident occurs when the defendant-operator of an automobile fails to observe the approach of the plaintiff’s motorcycle and unexpectedly turns into the path of the motorcycle, precipitating a collision. The plaintiff is almost invariably killed or seriously injured and any resulting litigation focuses in large part on the defendant’s observations and perceptions immediately before the alleged occurrence. A motorcycle, when viewed from the front or the rear, presents a narrow profile. The most common element in motorcycle accidents is the assertion by the defendant that he did not see the oncoming motorcycle until an accident was unavoidable

The problem with cases involving motorcycles, be it a drunk driving accident, a faulty products case, or even medical malpractice, is that people believe motorcycles are not safe–period.

No matter what the facts are, the jury will point the finger at the motorcycle rider and say, “If s/he wasn’t driving that dangerous vehicle, none of this would have happened.”

Since there is really no way to overcome this particular prejudice, jury selection is even more important than usual in these cases, so jurors’ personal feelings on motorcycles in general can be questioned.  Therefore, it is important to have an experienced group of attorneys on your side when dealing with these and the many other issues associated with motorcycle accidents.

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