Side Impact Collision Accidents

Side impact collisions are some of the most common auto accidents (and, unfortunately, some of the most traumatic).  In response, auto makers have installed airbags to mitigate any damage.  Unfortunately, these airbags have oftentimes caused more damage than they have prevented.

The basics of a side air bag system mirror those of a frontal system. Both systems require a method of sensing the occurrence of a collision, while discriminating it from events that don’t require a deployment (e.g., door slamming). Then they need to inflate an air bag in order to cushion the occupants from contact with internal or intruding vehicle components.

However, the systems have several notable differences. An important distinction between frontal collisions and side collision is distance. The distance between the other vehicle (or tree/pole) and the occupant in frontal impact includes a large crush zone, with bumpers, grill, engine compartments along with interior features such as instrument panels and the occupant space between the seating position and IP. On the other hand, the initial space between the occupant and the colliding vehicle in a side impact is a matter of inches.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a side impact collision, you may be entitled to compensation. Given the circumstances, you may also be entitled to punitive damages as well. It is important you with speak with an experienced aggressive attorney who will fight for your rights. Don’t leave your accident claim to just anyone.

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