High-Speed Collision Accidents

High speed auto accidents can be some of the most devastating because they can often lead to death.  These terrible accidents can leave a tremendous emotional and physical scars on both the victims and families.

With or without restraints, the body will sustain multiple injuries in proportion to speed, as the amount of energy is proportionate to the square of the speed. The force at 20 miles per hour will be 400 times the force at rest; the force at 40 miles per hour, 1600 times. With each 20 mile-per-hour increase, the force increases by (40 minus 20)*2 = 400 times. This explains the lethality of high-speed collisions.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a high speed collision you may be entitled to compensation. Given the circumstances you may also be entitled to punitive damages as well.  It is important you with speak with an experienced aggressive attorney who will fight for your rights.  Don’t leave your accident claim to just anyone.

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