If I think I have mold in my house/apartment what steps should I take?

Call our office right away. It is imperative that the property is tested, by the right person, for mold and you and your family are treated by the proper physician. The Law Office of Thompson Wedeking has relationships with some of the best doctors
and mold experts in Southern California.

Given the complex causation issues, inter-disciplinary approaches may be beneficial not only in determining the nature and extent of the problem but in developing a cohesive strategy and a consistent explanation for causation.

Depending on the type of illnesses claimed, it may be necessary to seek advice from a number of specialties. This list is by no means exhaustive, but is provided so you have a basic understanding of the areas of expertise involved. They are as follows:

1. Industrial Hygienist (always required for sampling of environment)
2. Microbiologist
3. Mycologist (prevalence, growth and toxicity of various molds)
4. Toxicologist (animal studies / human health risks from mold)
5. Allergist (clinical effects of mold and relationship to other causes)
6. Dermatologist
7. Gastroenterologist (causes of GI symptoms)

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