Workplace Accidents

Garbage Truck Driver Kills Two

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San Diego suffers from a dubious reputation of not being a very safe city for pedestrians. Unfortunately, it’s one the city continues to earn. This past Thursday morning, a 63-year-old man lost his life after he was struck by garbage truck. After the initial impact, the deceased was hit twice more by two other vehicles. […]

UCSD Evacuated Due to Lab Accident

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This past Friday, the University of California San Diego needed to be evacuated following an accident that happened in one of their science labs. Authorities were notified at 5:52 pm that assistance was needed after someone in the lab had mistakenly mixed ethanol with silver nitrate, according to Lee Swanson, spokesman for the department. The […]

Tips for Avoiding Work Injuries to the Eye

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Injuries in the workplace happen alarmingly frequently, but few realize just how common eye injuries are at work. Nearly 2,000 eye injuries occur daily in the workplace in the United States, and quite a few different things can cause these injuries. Having a few tips to keep your eyes a bit safer should help to […]

Man Injured by City Worker to See Decision Appealed

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Although they perform important work for San Diego residents, city workers are just as responsible for their actions as the rest of us. When they make poor decisions or act inappropriately, the law must hold them accountable all the same. This is especially true when you consider the machine that many city workers operate on […]

I Was Injured on the Job; Now What?

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If you’re injured on the job, you may be entitled to certain benefits and compensation. However, a lot of that will depend on you handling the situation correctly. So review the following now in case you ever find yourself injured at your job site. First, it should go without saying that you need to follow […]

San Diego Construction Worker Killed in Accident

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Recently, a construction worker who was working at a site near Lindbergh Field in San Diego died while on the job. According to reports, a falling piece of rebar hit the man while he and the other members of his construction crew were working on a rental car facility near the airport at the intersection […]

Who Is Responsible for Slip and Fall Injuries?

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If you are on someone else’s property and you have a slip and fall injury on that property, there is a chance that the property owner is responsible for your injuries. Of course, it is important to remember that determining and proving liability in these sorts of cases is vital. Across the country, tens of […]

What to Do About Work Related Injuries

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Most people tend not to think about accidents or injuries very much. It is unpleasant business, and most people feel that they will never actually be the victim of any type of personal injury. Those things happen to “other people”, and not them or their loved ones. Of course, reality can have a harsh way […]

The Biggest Causes of Fall Injuries at Work

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Accidents and injuries can and do happen at the workplace regularly. Whether you are working at a San Diego construction site on a new building, or you are working in an office environment where you feel you might be safe in your cubicle, there are always dangers. Falling injuries are some of the biggest issues […]