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Suspicious House Fire Kills Woman Inside

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This past Monday, firefighters battled flames spewing forth from a home located near the La Costa Country Club in Carlsbad. Upon entering the property, they also found a dead woman in bed, authorities said. It was just before 7 a.m., when a neighbor noticed smoke coming out of the house. After firefighters arrived on the […]

Student at SDSU Dies After Falling from Apartment Building

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Although Saturday would involve an accident involving fireworks at the homecoming celebration, SDSU was struck with an even worse tragedy the night before. A sophomore psychology major was on the roof of her apartment building when she is believed to have slipped or otherwise lost her balance before falling. The 60-foot fall would end up […]

Rollover on Interstate 8 Leaves Four in the Hospital

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This past Sunday, the always busy Interstate 8 got even busier when a multi-vehicle crash ended up blocking several lanes of traffic in the afternoon. While the police have not confirmed all the details or named a party responsible, those involved should definitely find a lawyer who is experienced in car accidents. It was about […]

One Dead in Crash on 805

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Interstate 805 was the site of a terrifying accident last week that resulted in a fatality and four lanes needing to be closed for over two hours. Car accidents aren’t rare in San Diego, of course, especially when you’re talking about the busy interstate. Fortunately, though, they usually don’t involve a death. Nonetheless, these accidents […]

Motorcyclist Dies After Accident in Mt. Hope

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Motorcycles are a popular form of transportation throughout the United States. However, there’s no doubt that they are especially beloved here in San Diego. This is definitely due, in large part, to the ample opportunities there are to ride and all the amazing scenery to enjoy. Unfortunately, this also means San Diego suffers from a […]

La Mesa Man Frustrated with Dental Surgeries

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Many rely on their smile to make a great first impression. At the very least, it’s something we unconsciously do to let the world know how happy we are. Unfortunately, for one man in La Mesa who didn’t think his smile was up to the task, it led to a much greater challenge. The problems […]

Family May Take La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club to Trial

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Back in October of 2008, Jeff and Nan Lawrence brought their family from Enid, Oklahoma to the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club in order to celebrate the sixth birthday of their twin sons, Luke and Michael. Instead of getting the first floor room they wanted—none were available—the family checked into one on the second […]

Accident in Carlsbad Kills Two

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San Diego and the surrounding areas are almost always packed with traffic, often even late into the night. It’s one of the reasons the city rates so poorly in terms of pedestrian deaths. Of course, it’s also why San Diego experiences so many traffic accidents throughout the year. If you’re not already driving with the […]