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Most Common Causes of Accidents at Construction Sites

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Construction sites are known to be a dangerous place to be – it is where we get the popular notion of putting on a hard hat. Most construction companies are careful to keep their workers safe, but the nature of assembling large buildings lends itself to danger. Tools, girders and large vehicles all present hazards […]

Children with Epilepsy More Likely to be injured in Fire

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Epilepsy may make children more likely to be injured in fires, and suffer burns, according to a new study from the University of Nottingham. Researchers there studied subjects between the ages of one and 24 years old. In addition to injuries from fire, young sufferers of epilepsy are also more likely to be harmed by […]

PET Scans Could Predict Recovery from Brain Injuries

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PET scans may be able to predict how well patients will recover from severe brain injuries, according to a new study out of Belgium. The new finding provides a reliable method of predicting which patients will wake up from comas, and who will remain unresponsive. Bedside tests for recovery from comas are currently only about […]

What are the Causes of Teen Automobile Accidents?

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Teen drivers are often involved in automobile accidents, making car accidents the leading cause of death among young people. Accident rates for drivers aged 16 to 19 are higher than any other age group. Teenagers are involved in car accidents for several reasons. Risk is something which many people enjoy, as shown by the popularity […]

San Diego Stadium in Planning Stage

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A new NFL stadium for the San Diego Chargers may, one day, be built in the city. Talks are underway to make it happen. Mayor Kevin Faulconer met with a representative from the team to discuss how such a stadium could be built and managed. The initial planning sessions had been postponed for a long […]

Female Pedestrian Dies In Hit & Run

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A female pedestrian died after being struck by a hit-and-run driver a little after midnight on Sunday morning. She was fatally injured by a vehicle on the 1300 block of Base Lane in eastern San Bernadino. She is one of the latest victims of pedestrian deaths on roadways. Police do not know if she was […]

Mickey Rooney Dies, Victim of Elder Abuse

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Mickey Rooney, legend of both the big and small screens, died of natural causes on April 6th, at the age of 90. As a young man, Rooney was a wholesome young actor who lit up the screen in the Andy Hardy films. He began acting in Vaudeville in 1922, and become one of Hollywood’s most […]

Multi-car Wreck on SR 52 – keeping yourself safe!

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A multi-car wreck on State Route 52 closed down traffic on the highway, which has now started flowing once again. The accident happened after 8 a.m. local time when three cars crashed into each other, near the junction with state route 125. Cars involved in the accident included a dark gray pickup truck, white two-door […]

Indoor Mold In The Way?

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Mold is found in homes and businesses around the world. All told, there are more than 400,000 types of mold found in the wild. Around 1,000 varieties of mold grow indoors. Health effects of mold can include respiratory disorders and trouble breathing. Mold has also been implicated in reduced immune systems, leading to a host […]