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Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

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Have you had an injury in San Diego due to someone else being negligent? If so, then you might find it advantageous to hire a personal injury attorney who can help you with your case. If you’ve received an injury, whether you have gone to the hospital yet or not, there is a good chance […]

Strange and Sad Elder Abuse Case in La Jolla

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91-year-old Robert Stella and other members of his family recently filed a restraining order against his estranged wife Victoria Turner when she made a visit to the facility where Robert undergoes treatment. The family has accused her of tormenting and abusing Robert while they were together and living in his home. They claim she kept […]

Tomato Truck Crash Brings I-5 Commute to a Crawl

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On the I-5, a crash between two trucks, both carrying produce, killed one of the drivers on Tuesday, June 3 shortly before 1AM. This left the road blocked and full of tomatoes and other produce throughout much of the morning. One of the trucks heading south rear-ended the other truck, which caused them to go […]

Why Are Slip and Fall Accidents Serious?

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Slip and fall injuries might not always sound dangerous. After all, people slip and fall all the time. When you are a kid, it happens all of the time and you are no worse for the wear. However, certain types of slip and fall accidents are more severe and they have the potential to cause […]

California Has the Most Lethal Dog Attacks

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In 2013, California was the country’s leader in lethal dog attacks, which is not a statistic in which the state takes any pride. Still, it’s a fact, and that means that people in San Diego really do need to be aware when it comes to dangerous canines. One of the most infamous cases to have […]

Types of Injuries Sustained in Dog Attacks

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As the warm weather really starts to get underway in San Diego, it means more and more people will be heading out to the beaches and the parks with their four legged friends. While most dogs will not pose a danger to people, we’ve all heard of people bitten, attacked and mauled by dogs. It […]

Hero Cat Saves Child from Terrible Mauling

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Chances are good that you’ve already heard about Tara, the cat that saved a four-year-old boy, Jeremy Triantafilo, from what looked as though it had the potential to be a horrific dog mauling. The video, which went viral quickly, showed that the dog, a Labrador/chow mix appeared to be stalking the Southern California boy. The […]

Accidents Strike from Anywhere

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Freak and tragic accidents sometimes happen. While it is possible to take steps to prevent accidents, sometimes there is simply no way to predict the things that could possibly happen, as with the case of Mr. and Mrs. Yamada of San Diego. The elderly couple died after they were struck and killed by their own […]

Most Common Types of Personal Injury Accidents

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Personal injury accidents are extraordinarily common, especially when you consider everything that falls under the purview of this relatively broad term. Personal injury law covers any type of injury that happens to your person, so nearly any type of accident or negligent action could apply. Here are some of the most common types of accidents […]